So today the sun decided to turn off the alarm clock, and rain took advantage… but I didn’t let any of that take over the day. Luckily my boyfriend accompanied me to a place near my agency I wanted to go since ever: Meraviglia, the restaurants name in italian which in english means wonder. This place serves mostly organic and vegetarian food (I repeat, mostly) and I think it’s quite an achievement given that its SOOOO HARRDD to find organic food in Buenos Aires. Anyways, I’ll dig into this organic subject later another day. It was quite a nice experience, the place looks like a bakery/grocery store which sells organic and artisan products while serving people colorful juices, smoothies and delicious whole foods.

I love veggies, but my boyfriend ignores them completely, he hates them (except potatoes and sweet potatoes… :S!!!).. sooo, this place could have been a total failure given the conditions. Well,it turned out quite good!

First we ordered some freshly made juices: my boyfriend ask for apple, mint and celery, while I ordered orange, carrot and ginger. Felt soooo gooodd!!

Then, he ordered PIZZA!!! But sorry guys, not the usual white greasy pizza… this one was made with whole wheat flour, topped with some tomato sauce, basil pesto, cheese and mushrooms. Looked tempting…

Me, I ordered something I usually never do: a sandwich. This one had grilled veggies, sun-dried tomatoes, tofu (you can choose cheese instead) all in a whole wheat ciabatta bread, served with leafy greens with caramelized almonds and seeds. Yuummm!!!

What about desserts? No space people… But I can assure that if we were having dinner, some choco-caramel-creamy stuff would have slide over the table… that’s when my appetite is at its peak unfortunately! hahaha!

So, which one looks more tempting? Ciabatta or Pizza??

Till next time! 🙂

Ps. you might have noticed that English is not my first language, it’s Spanish! Sorry guys for the grammar and spelling, trying my best!!!


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  1. It all looks very delicious! And your English is just fine, perfect actually 🙂

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