De Simone Ramos Generales: La Esquina Retro de Florida

Hello!! Today is Friday and… I LOVE FRIDAYS! (who doesn’t, duh!). So today I had lunch with a friend and my boyfriend (husband now!) in a little restaurant that opens only during the day (now opens Thurdays through Sundays at night too!). I love this place, it’s packed with personality, chilling atmosphere and healthy delicious food!!!

I come here quite often with my boyfriend, it’s great for a week lunch or a brunch during the weekend. If you are in Buenos Aires, looking for a peaceful and warm place, nothing pretentious, then this is where you have to be: De Simone Ramos Generales. These were our picks of the day: The gentleman ordered a delicious veggie burger with a side of roasted veggies (optional side of greens or soup of the day). Believe me guys, I usually have this burger and its A MA ZING!! Made with homemade bread called “pan de leche” (milk bread), whole grain and carrot burger, sour cream and sprouts. My friend had a spinach Quiche with sun-dried tomatoes and Brie cheese with the soup of the day (broccoli). I ordered the soup a week before and it was really smooth and rich!I ordered a whole grain salad, with “yamani” rice, quinoa, lentils and some raw veggies (red bell pepper, carrot, parsley, etc). It was light and flavorful, just what i needed! This may sound embarrassing, but the last time we went we were so hungry that I couldn’t wait to take the picture before starting to eat. We were only able to take a picture of a delicious orange and carrot juice and a cake called “tres leches” (3 milks) that wasn’t memorable (sorry guys). But, they have an amazing cheesecake with red fruit sauce.. I owe you the picture of this pleasure of life ;). I love that cheesecake, so much that I eat it so fast that I necer get to take the picture before! Bon weekend guys!!! Tasty and nutritious food, nice and kind people, and a relaxing atmosphere… doesn’t get any better! De Simone Ramos Generales

Gral. Martin M. De Guemes 2302, Florida, Vicente Lopez, Zona Norte, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

4797-6663 From around 9 to 21 hs.

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